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Honda CRF450L/RL – Barras de Defensa

Fully frame mounted additional armour for your Honda CRF450L/RL to minimize or to prevent damage to the plastic panels and the radiator.Please keep reading below for further info.

Honda CRF450L/RL – Combo de Protección

El precio original era: €505.00.El precio actual es: €469.66.
Introducing our Honda 450L/RL Protection Combo, which offers broad protection for the tank, fairings, radiator and engine, in the form of a set of crash bars and skid plate.Read full specs below.

Honda CRF450L/RL – Cubrecarter

It's a must have accessory to protect the badly exposed oil pan of the CRF450L/RL. The absence of a skid plate just won't do! Hence we offer this upgrade for you.Read the specs below.